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Our LifeStone & precious metal cremation ashes memorial jewellery comes complete with a one year manufacturing warranty against any faults that may arise.

Whilst we hope that you won't need it, it is there for your peace of mind!

We understand how precious your cremation jewellery piece will be to you and we know that you will want this to remain looking its best. However as with any jewellery, it is delicate by nature and it does require some basic care. Angels Meadow will at our discretion, repair or replace, jewellery proven by us to be defective due to the manufacturing process within 12 months of the date of dispatch. We regret that our warranty does not cover loss or any damage caused by general wear and tear or misuse. 

To keep your jewellery looking its best we recommend the following - 

1) Remove your jewellery prior to housework - Chemicals such as bleach can damage your jewellery leaving your LifeStone faded and the metal beyond repair. Rings, in particular, can easily be bent or scratched. 

2) Remove your cremation jewellery when swimming/using a hot tub - Chlorine & salty water can damage and discolour all metals. Chlorine in particular can also be permanently damaging and can slowly erode the finish of your LifeStone.  

3) Remove when taking a shower or bath - We recommend removing your LifeStone and other cremation jewellery prior to showering or bathing. Soap, shampoo and other general everyday products can be damaging for your LifeStone over time and immediately dull the finish.

4) Remove whilst applying hand sanitiser - Hand sanitiser is a chemical which contains high levels of alcohol and can damage your LifeStone causing yellowing and fading. We would recommend removing your ring where possible or avoid getting sanitiser on the LifeStone.

5) Remove when sunbathing - Strong UV rays can damage your LifeStone. Whilst we use a specialist resin which is highly resistant to UV rays extreme light and heat can fade your LifeStone. 

6) Remove when applying lotions and perfumes -  Its always best to remove your jewellery prior to applying any cosmetic products. Most of these contain harsh chemicals. 

7) General jewellery care - Jewellery is delicate by nature. Sterling silver is a soft metal and can scratch easily so please take care not to knock your jewellery. This can also lead to bending and damaging of the band leading to lost crystals. 

Tarnish occurs naturally and is not a product fault, cleaning is not covered by the warranty. General wear and tear or any damage caused by the above will not be covered by the warranty. 

We regret that chains are not covered under the warranty unless faulty upon arrival - we require notice of the faulty chain within 7 days of receipt. 

Fixed Repairs Fee £39

If an item appears physically damaged by any of the reasons stated above and/or shows excessive signs of wear/misuse and we cannot repair this under the warranty we have a fixed repairs fee of £39. We understand from time to time accidents can happen and if the worst happens we are here for you. This service will cover any minor damage such as - 

1) Stone loss

2) Resin discolour (fading or yellowing caused by chemical or UV damage) - please note - you will need to provide further ashes for us to repair discoloured resin. 

3) Minor scratches and scuffs. 

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*Stainless steel and jewellery from the Value Range Collection comes with a 6 month warranty.