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Pet Ashes Jewellery

At Angels Meadow we believe that the depth of grief comes from the depth of love, not whether the loved one was human or animal. Loosing a much loved pet is heart breaking and comfort can be found in holding them close in a beautiful ashes memorial jewellery piece. Whilst all of our ashes jewellery is suitable to be made with pets ashes, pet fur or hair we have put together a fitting collection of ashes jewellery specifically with pets in mind.

Children can especially find it difficult loosing a beloved family pet. Our self-fill pieces within our Value Range make wonderfully thoughtful grieving gifts to be cherished by them and make the process  . 

At Angels Meadow we have made pet ashes jewellery from all kinds of beloved pets! Of course lots of dogs & cats. Parrots, hamsters, rabbits, horses, lizards and we even made a wonderful tribute for one of our customers using the pines of their beloved hedgehog!