About Angels Meadow

We offer a larger range of cremation jewellery than any other UK based website. With our customers in mind we put 110% effort into fulfilling thier order to the best standard.

What is your background?

On the 27th April 2009 we became the parents to our beautiful baby Meadow Blossom. Unfortunately Meadow was born sleeping and our life felt like it was falling apart when it was supposed to be the start of a new era. After registering her birth and death we had to arrange her funeral. Thankfully we found a funeral director who was very professional and helped us through the difficult process.

It was only when we decided that we would have her cremated that we started looking at what could be done to remember her. We found that the USA had lovely items but there were few UK based companies that offered anything unique or modern. We did find one site that claimed to be run by qualified and caring funeral directors. We went on to purchase from them, but we were extremely disappointed with the quality and service that we received. After losing items, promising replacements and giving wrong delivery dates we gave up!

So what did you do?

We felt that at such a difficult time people deserve only the very best. We knew that we could do better and set the wheels in motions to launch Angels Meadow. Successfully finding a small supplier with a small range of jewellery we started to design and build our first website.

Starting slow we received few orders but put 110% into making sure that the families that trusted in us did not feel as we did when they have much more important things on their mind. Over time we put in many many hours to build up a reputation and we also found another supplier with a larger range.

What about now?

Well today we are the largest UK based supplier of cremation jewellery......this doesn’t however mean that we treat our families any different to how we did in the beginning. We still put 110% into fulfilling our orders and through feedback received the families that have used us are extremely happy with our service and products.

We listen to our customers and make changes, where possible, to implement their suggestions. Ultimately we would like to be the number one name for keepsake and memorial products as we are confident that none of our customers would be unhappy with their purchase.



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